What do I work on?

I enjoy a to do with web development and am particularly fond of the frontend aspect. Being able to create a visual and working interface from nothing feels extrememly rewarding to me.

However, I really enjoy working with APIs, even if my exposure and experience is limited. The idea of a well defined input/output system is what I enjoy from the backend and API side.

The ideas that I implement are often small and are targeted to niche problems I face that could be solved with a simple web interface. Such as improving things like expense tracking that are tailored to how I like to organise and visualise my data.

How do I do it?

When it comes to tech stacks, I tend to favour those that do not require a lot of effort to set up. Since most of my projects are short term, little ideas that I have, I like to have easy to set up, use and deploy stacks to simplify the process for myself.

Typically I have chosen tech stacks that are rather simple, such as Firebase, which takes a lot of the granular control over relations, tables and queries away from me. In the future I aim to steer away from these overly simplistic stacks in favour of ones that give me more control and allow me to develop more experiences with fullstack web development.

My projects, a history

I have worked on a variety of web related projects; personally, at university, and at work. To simplify the list of projects, I have made a timeline to help visualise my growth.

Apr 2022

MS Teams Clone Backend

As part of a university group project, I developed a Python Flask API with a JSON database that roughly clones a Microsoft Teams application.


Jul 2022


Using HTML, CSS and p5.js I built a frontend to help visualise some basic algorithms I was interested in.


Nov 2022

Slack Clone Frontend

For a university project, I built a HTML, Bootstrap and vanilla JS frontend that resembles a Slack messaging app.


Dec 2022

Airbnb Clone Frontend

As part of a university project, I built a React and Bootstrap website to resemble Airbnb.


Jan 2023

AWS Intern Project

For my internship at AWS I worked on a fullstack website for the first time. I utilised AWS AppSync and AWS Lambda to implement APIs to interact with my teams Java project. I then developed a React frontend using an AWS component library, Cloudscape, which interacts with the APIs I set up. Deployed with AWS Route 53 and AWS S3.


Feb 2023

Expense Tracking App

This is one of my first personal fullstack websites that I decided to pursue. I used React and tailwindcss to build the frontend, but lacking the knowledge of great free backends like Firebase or AWS Amplify, I just used a node.js Express and JSON backend. As a result, I didn't utilise any easy hosting service and left it to be run locally.


Apr 2023

To-do App

Next I made another fullstack website for simple to-do list tracking. This time however, I was adventuring into Firebase for the first time. I used React and tailwindcss for the frontend and the Firebase SDK to interact with a Firestore database, making it easy to deploy with Firebase


May 2023

Factory Idle Calculator

This was just a simple frontend that I developed to act as a calculator for a game I was playing at the time. React, tailwindcss and Firebase to deploy.


May 2023

Workout Timer

This was another simple website to act as a workout timer. Just using React, tailwindcss and Firebase to deploy as well.


Jul 2023

Expense Traker 2.0

When revisiting my expense tracker, I realised I wanted to have it deployed, as well as updated to use Firebase. Still happy with my frontend, I used React and tailwindcss to build the frontend again, but opted for TypeScript this time as well as Firebase for the backend and deployment.


Aug 2023

Multiplayer Games App

Now that I had gotten used to my stack I wanted to make something that felt more real. I again used the same React, tailwindcss and Firebase stack to build an app that allowed for realtime multiplayer games, implementing Connect 4 and Yahtzee!


Sep 2023

Portfolio Website

Then, naturally, after getting used to an easy solo tech stack, I wanted to switch things up. Both at my work and university, I was being excited by the features of Next.js 13 and wanted to put it to the test. Since I couldn't think of a new fullstack project, and this website was well overdue, I decided to build my first Next.js and tailwindcss frontend. This time using Vercel to easily deploy the Next.js site!